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Laboratory Facilities

The MPPC Laboratory helps to ensure the Food safety and Quality of the packed product that MPPC supplies through strict compliance with regulations – client based and regulating bodies (Codex, ISO, etc.,).

We are equipped with laboratory equipments, regularly calibrated to ensure the veracity of testing.

 MPPC laboratory personnel are properly and regularly trained to comply with testing procedures to deliver prompt and accurate results.

Tests performed in the MPPC Laboratory include:

Microbiological Tests for raw materials, finished goods, water:

   Total Plate Count
   Yeast and Molds Count
   Coliform Count

Hygienic evaluation tests

   Equipment and utensil swabbing
   Hands swabbing
   Aerial Plate Exposure test

Physico- Chemical Testing for incoming, in-process and finished products

   Vacuum Leak Test
   Moisture Content
   Calcium Content
   % Residual Oxygen
   Organoleptic tests for flavor and odor
   Packed Bulk Density
   Titratable Acidity
   Wettability Index
   Insolubility Index
   Scorched Particles
   Foreign Matter
   Objectionable Matter


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