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Company Overview

Magna Prime Packaging Corporation (MPCC) is engaged in blending and packaging of powder milk and other similar powder products.

On May 3, 2003, the business started with packing milk powder in sachets at 180, 400 and 750 grams using a PAKONA FFS machine (India) and placing these inside inner boxes then to shipping cartons manually. The volume at the start was 150 MT per month then at 300MT during 2004.

2004 saw a lot of improvements in facilities and processes: a WOLF FFS machine (Germany) was added to accommodate the demand for additional tonnage. Also a semi-automatic NORDALE cartoner (Canada) was bought to increase efficiency in packing the sachets into inner boxes. Also MPPC has acquired additional warehouse space to conveniently sit on a combined 1958.4 square meters. These warehouse spaces were provided with complete roofing insulation.


In the last quarter of 2005, MPPC expanded its business to include manufacturing of milk powder. A one (1) - tonner ribbon-type blender (Singapore) was installed to manufacture the dry-blended  powder, going in full operation in 2006.

In 2007 both Raw materials and Finished Goods Warehouses were installed with convenient and space-saving racking system.


Operating in a highly competitive and dynamic market, MPPC recognizes that it must continually work to improve in order to maintain market position and profitability whilst continuing to provide customers with high quality products, service and value, improvement, not only in facilities but for manpower training as well.


On February 22, 2006, MPPC has received the distinction of being awarded as the 2005 Best Milk Powder Repacker (National Award) and conferred the Seal of Product Quality by the prestigious and respected National Product Quality Excellence Awards Committee.


Being a front liner in the local dairy food manufacturing/ repacking sector, quality programs such as GMP and HACCP are in place throughout the plant. And in November 2005, MPPC has received its HACCP certification from TUV SUD Philippines.


MPPC boasts of its highly-trained and competent staff and employees and its top of the line equipments for production and laboratory and auxiliary facilities.


To ensure that MPPC consistently and continuously deliver the required levels of quality and service to customers, MPPC now uses ISO22000:2005 as a model for its Food Safety Management System. It covers all activities including the planning, re-sourcing and implementing of the processes as well as the routine analysis of data gathered through monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the food safety processes.


And in 2008, MPPC added to its laurels,having demonstrated compliance to the highest standards of Food Safety, was given the distinction of being awarded three (3) certification from SGS Philippines: ISO22000:2005, HACCP and Codex Alimentarious Comission General Principles of Food Hygience CAC/RCP 1-1969 rev4(2003).



Our Mission

We are entrusted to advocate and alleviate the healthcare services in our country by providing excellent services in the packaging of powdered milk.

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in handling our business activities, which we trust is the real foundation of true personal and career growth within the organization.

Our Vision

To be the worthy toll packer and to be a globally accepted service – oriented organization.


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